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The twitter feed is intended to provide a more regular digest of links, stories, and news on the history of copper as I discover new and interesting stuff. The delicious feed acts as a trawler’s net for a wide range of online content that those interested in the history of copper can follow. It also allows me to collect as I find and will inform many of the posts that appear here in the near future. Delicious bookmarks are linked to Copper Histories’ twitter feed so new sites will automatically be tweeted. Continue reading

Copper histories online

This  website brings together a wealth of information, mainly historical, but also contemporary social information about copper and its industries, its art and expression, its makers and consumers. It is experimental at this stage, to gauge the impact of copper heritage in the UK and the rest of the world. While it will embrace copper’s long history (geology, mineralogy, mines), this site will specifically look to showcase examples of the uses of copper through time which go beyond its industries.

This site was founded by Tehmina Goskar, and you can read more about her new projects in copper history on her website.

Edit: 27 August 2012. This blog is now devoted to sharing information on the Biographies of British Copper research project.